Magdalen Road at night

Magdalen Road at night
December 2010

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Logos in St Leonard's - the answers

Around Magdalen Road
What colour is the word Spar on the shop?  It is red – but many Spar branches have a logo with the letters cut out of a red strip, making the word appear white.

What is the object in the logo for Lloyds Pharmacy?  It is a pestle and mortar for grinding powder.

What is the date on the Greene King badge (logo) on the Mount Radford? 1799

Describe the letter “W” in Weekes.  Each upright is a large “sheet”

What is inside the letter “O” of Zamora? A leaf

Is the Salty Pigeon looking to the left or to the right? Left

Around the area and at home:
What colours appear in the logo of the bus company Stagecoach when it is coloured? Red, orange and blue

What is special about the Ex on Fed-Ex vans? There is an arrow to emphasise delivery

Do the arrows on a recycling symbol go clockwise or anti-clockwise? Clockwise

There are four swords in the badge on the wall of Exeter School; what colour are they? Gold

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