Magdalen Road at night

Magdalen Road at night
December 2010

Thursday, 14 December 2017

By-election for city council seat, 13th December 2017

The results of the by-election for the Exeter City Council ward of St Leonard's and Newtown on 13th December 2017.
Matthew Vizard Labour: 1,044, 54.6%
Lucille Baker Conservatives: 512, 26.8%
Vanessa Newcombe Lib Dems: 179, 9.4%
Tom Milburn Green Party: 137, 7.2%
Alison Sheridan UKIP: 40, 2.1%

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Magdalen Road Christmas Fair 2017

Magdalen Road was closed for the afternoon of Saturday 2nd December 2017 for the annual Christmas Fair.  Join me for a walk after dark, from St Leonards Road to Denmark Road and back again

The children's roundabout

Balloons on sale

Japanese food

The Bran Tub with seasonal food

Tents in the middle of the road

Amber necklaces and other good things

No home in St Leonard's is complete without a hand-made cushion

A bright red glow from the aprons of the staff at Bon Gout

Don't forget to look up at the lights

Buttons and other sewing things, ribbons and all

The Meat59 gazebo outside the restaurant

And an artistic arrival

There were stalls for charity

... and musicians

Coloured gazebos added a glow to the fair

A small Christmas tree

Stalls outside the shops
Stalls outside the flats

Time to add a light to your home?

And fresh local fruit

The Mount Radford was busy