Magdalen Road at night

Magdalen Road at night
December 2010

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Super Saturday on May 30th 2015

Magdalen Road was closed to traffic on Saturday to allow a street party with stalls.  Here are some reminders of the event.

Advertising banner - this was in St Leonard's Road at the junction with Wonford Road

A flag at the eastern end of Magdalen Road village

When was the last time you saw bales of hay in the village?  Pipers Farm provided these for their customers eating burgers and hot-dogs

Changing rooms were inside!

Cafe society, complete with table-cloths

Imaginative ways of holding the corners of the gazebo in place!

More cafe cociety

I can't think of any stories that start with a salad; can you?

More al fresco food

Stall selling fantasy pictures

Normally, you don't loiter on the pedestrian crossing here

The gazebo is specially clean, to judge by its location

The day wasn't complete without an ice-cream, made locally, of course!

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