Magdalen Road at night

Magdalen Road at night
December 2010

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Introduction to this blog

In January 2010, the Neighbourhood News for St Leonard's, Exeter, carried a short article which began "Have you ever looked at …?".

I had planned to write six such articles, as the Neighbourhood News appears every two months, and I expected to be able to find enough material for six issues. After a time, I realised that there was more to be written, and several readers encouraged me to write about this attractive district of a most attractive and interesting city. When people asked me for copies, it seemed a good idea to publish them for anyone to read.

If you come from another part of Exeter, or another town or city anywhere, maybe these articles will inspire you to look at your neighbourhood with fresh eyes. If you want to see pictures of St Leonard's, then search with the keywords "Magdalen Road Exeter" for pictures of the "Village".

I hope that you derive as much pleasure reading as I gained from writing. The articles may be copied, but any reproduction must carry the attribution to myself.

To see any of the articles, click on the list of labels on the side of the screen.

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